Monday, May 11, 2015

David Zinn-ish drawings

Years ago look at his pictures with her super cool action this year. My fifth and forth graders did some drawings on paper try to get some rough ideas of drawing creatures. After that I gave them one brick on the building to use chalk and do the drawing. My students love it.  


Some of my classes I only see a few times before the end of the year so I decided to try something different with some of them. I gave him my classes choices between drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture studio's.  We talked about things that we learn throughout the year and what inspires us to make art as artist. After that I gave my students one piece of paper and said here you go. Here's a couple examples of my first grades

Friday, April 10, 2015


Hey you all I have done I have gone to Twitter.  I will be chirping, tweeting, and singing art education things.  Maybe even random thoughts, Ideas, things that are going on in my life.  So please follow me on Twitter @cdotandrew. 


This year I wanted to try something new with meeting with my second graders. So I decided to make a bee tracer for them. We started my holding the paper like a hotdog tracing to be tracer. We draw lines using a ruler to make the loom. With all my classes a try to different ways until I find the best way to make the loom. Made your strips weave them into the loom. Used oil pastel make eyes pipe cleaner for the tennis white paper for wings.  

Sometimes I don't tell my students exactly were making right away I like to make a surprise so one of the funniest things I did for this project is the kept asking what it was I told them they need to Bee here next week to find out. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I have made a few post in the last few week. Waiting for someone or something to make a comment and nothing.  I know I am not the best blog writer.  But I figure someone would reply.  I am questioning if it is even worth doing this blog anymore?  Or is it just better to do Facebook and twitter?  

Thursday, March 26, 2015


But fifth-graders made papier-mâché animal head/monster heads this year for the first time.   We mounted them they look amazing.   The kids had such a wonderful time doing them.  I played around with many different ways of how to color them I painted at mine it was practice. Then we went with covering them with tissue paper. 

Art show projects.

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