Monday, June 27, 2011


I was sure when, but it happened.. I now have 51 Followers.. Thanks you everyone who comes to my messy blog, and see what going on...
Please you keep coming back for the messy and tell your friends...

Thank You So Much..

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2nd and 3rd Picasso Cubist Animals

 Well as I was clean the basement the other day I came across some pictures of students work that I did a while back..  These were alot of fun.  This was my first time doing this project, and that year I did it I only had one 3rd grade so I did it with them and all of my 2nd graders as well to test it out.  3rd understood the cubist idea a bit better.  Anyways.. I found this project one Artsonia somewhere. sorry I dont remember where. 

But I explain to the student that we are drawing an animal but enlarging part of thier bodies, and twisting thier bodies as well.  Trace the line with glue.  Then we use chalk to color it in work from light to dark colors and then dark to light. 

Whos know what else I will find in the basement.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

4 year old get own art show????

Ok.. did anyone see this today on Yahoo! (the link to the story).  Well anyways this 4 year old girl gets her own art show in a gallery in NY.  And the two video show her painting, and you know those ART People are just raving about how good she is. I am not sure about all of this.. anyways what are your thoughts?

For the past two summers now I take the kids (my kids) on walk and my daughter who is now 5 has her own digital camera.  She take pictures of whatever she wants.. so does her photo need to be hanging in a gallery????  :)

Here are my some of my daughters pictures..
(as you can tell she likes flowers)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

2nd Grade Tree Prints

Ok.. This is how we do the tree prints.
We use the foam printing stuff.  We have are students draw first what they want to do on paper.  Then trace their drawing on to the foam printing plate.  Next we have them print on Black paper, using white ink.  After all the ink dries they use crayon to color on top of the ink. (color pencil works great as well)  After they I have them use texture plates to make a rubbing on black paper and use a white crayon for the rubbing.  Cut out thier print, and glue it on top.

4th Grade Spring Flowers Prints

Number. 2 Update on Sock Monsters.

 Ok... This are the sock Monsters that my 5th graders made.. Not bad I thought.  They had alot of fun doing it, but it did take about 8 weeks to do.  Student where busy working all 8 weeks they were really into it.. I had more pictures but I left them at school 

Friday, June 3, 2011

school out for summer

Well today was the last work day... school is out for summer...But I start summer school on Monday... YEAH!!! it is not so bad I guess.. it is just for four days.. I know I can do that.. Right????  So What is everyone else going to do on thier summer VAKA???
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