Thursday, January 29, 2015

Color theory selfies

This is my 4th grade self portrait project this year.  We work in the color wheel.  First I showed them how to draw the face with more detail.  Then they got to pick a color group.  We used oil pastels to do the coloring.   
They all look good. 

Coils under the sea

This is one of my 3rd grade coil projects. The student first drew a picture.  Using lines to make the pictures.  Then they rolled coils and placed them on the paper.  After it was fired they colored with crayons and painted black paint on it. Then washed it off.  

Monday, January 26, 2015

Oh no.

I was cleaning some of my pictures out of my phone.  I was started backing up my photos on google.  I deleted a few on google. And I didn't think I would mess up my blog.  But it did.  

I am sorry.  I will try to retake some of the pictures. But some will be lost forever.  


Friday, January 16, 2015

Under the sea

So I did this with my 4th grader.  We were working on monochromatic colors.  Some of my classes voted on under the sea and some want to do a winter picture.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hanging the pretties.

Art club just finished their Dale Chihuly Chandelier.   They have been working hard for a month or more.  We had 5 group of 4 and 5 graders.   I can't wait to get them hung up around the school.  

Over and out.  Please stay tuned in to see what happens in the messy art room

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Love Bunnies.

So here is a new clay project that I did with my Kinders.  I gave them a ball of clay. I let them play with the clay for a few.  Then they had to roll it into a ball.   I came around and help shape the clay.  Then they pinched out the ears and the nose.  Then we drew the nose and whiskers.   I rolled out a slab and cut out hearts   Gave the Kinders a little piece of clay to roll out a coil to make arms. We add the arms to make it look like it is holding the heart.    

Who doesn't love a love bunny. 

Over and out.  

I I will post more pictures after we finish them.  

Bring on the mess!!!!

Well I started some of my clay projects.  Doing a few new ones and a few oldie but goodie ones.  

So here are are winter plates I had my 2nd grade do.  They could draw anything that dealt with winter or cold stuff.   I rolled out slabs one for the plate and one for them to make their picture.   

Coming from a clay background. I hate to waste clay.   I found 50lbs of hard clay. So I am bringing it back to life.  A bucket of water and two homemade plaster bats.  It's alive.  

I will post another picture of are plates when they are all done.  

Over and out. 
Mr. R

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