Friday, December 7, 2012

5th grade one point perspective under the sea

Well this is another great pinterest finds and also a spin on one point perspective. We did the drawing in pencil. Then outline in sharpie. It keep my 5th graders guessing what it was going to be until we painted all blue. Some of the figured it out. Then we draw sea life and colored that in with color pencil and glued them on. It was something different then the city.

Well like I said I found this on pinterest, but here is the link from where it really came from.
Thanks so much Chani for the great project


Mr. E said...

love it...stealing it

Mrs. C said...

These are awesome! Great perspective lesson! Always looking for a good perspective lesson for my 5ths that fills my objectives and is easy for them to understand and produce! I'm filing this one! Thanks for sharing! :)

ArtMuse said...

Wow, this a great 1 point perspective lesson. I've never come across anything quite like it!

Chani said...

Glad you liked it - This came from a class I did with Year 5/6's.....I will be posting some more samples of them on my blog soon -

olvi27 said...

love it¡
have a look at our school blog:

Unknown said...

Would you be willing to share the lesson plan with me?

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