Friday, December 2, 2011

Jean Dubuffet MEGA Animal sculpture

All right... So this is how it all got started...The other art teacher that works in my building was working with foam, and she was going to buy some more to do some project.... I told her that you can most likely get it cheeper at like Home Depot. Because they sell it 4'x8' sheets..... So a few week later we were looking at Jean Dubffet Sculpture, and we where thinking that they could be made out of foam... So we got 5 sheets of it.  We were going to make some people, but then we ran into the problem of how to get them to stand????? So we where looking at Jean art work again... and one of his sculputures look like a giraffe.  So we got to work.. making a giraffe.. and then came the elephant.  

The Giraffe.. stands about 12 feet tall, and the elephant is 8 feet long and about 9 feet tall
I think...

I will take more pictures when they are standing in the lobby of are school.... but here is what we have done so for...

QR Code Project update...

So here is what final twist of the project was... We built wall... or building around the black part of the code..

Some students did a very nice job... and some had a hard time doing it... so some had to switch to making tubes..... Oh well..
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