Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coil, slab flowers. Update

Well I been trying to do new clay projects each year. So instead of doing fish with my 3rd graders.  I went with flowers. My students did a drawing on a 6x6 inch square and only using lines to make there flowers.  They I had my student roll coils out and recreate there drawing. We smooth it all out and combine them all together.  After they were fired we coloed them with crayons and put black paint over it and then washed it all.  I love doing that with the clay.  Over all a great project.  

Update:  Yes after my student recreated their drawing with the clay coils. They do this by making it right on top of there drawing.  When they are done they smooth out.  The. I would take a rib, and make sure they were really smooth and combined.   So when you flip it over you get your design.  The only problem I had is when they are drying they curled a bit.  So I think if I would make sure the smooth size was facing they would curl so much. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm back

I'm back, back again to make messy with the kidos again.   So now that my student teacher is gone and moved on. Tune in for the messy.  

Having a student was a great learning for him and I.  It was a lot of work but well worth it.   I wish him all the luck. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

My favs

Ok I am going to steal this from my friend Ted from artwithmre.  So in the next few weeks I will show you all some of my favorite things I use in my art room. 

On of my favorite things is the C-Thur ruler. I love to use this rule with my students and I also use it with my personal art work.  

It is 2" wide and 18" long. All the square on it make it easy to find the inch marks and even half inch marks.  This is a must have in my art room.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Collaborate art

So I saw a few examples of where high school art student work with an elementary art students art work. And use that art work as a reference.  The high school art teacher and I worked out all the details. I had my kindergarten students draw there own monster and the high school students drew, sculpted, and craved them.  It was a lot of fun. We plan on doing it again next year. So pleases stay tuned in to see what happens next. 

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