Friday, November 5, 2010

Mona Lisa nail gun art

I found this video on a website call, it has family friendly videos.  Which is nice because maybe you can find something that you can sometime share with your students.  This video is SO fake but your student will most like buy right in to it. So take a looksee.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

all new post

i will post info about all new post later sorry cant do it right now...

4th Grade Van Gogh Redone

5th Grade Silhouette Landscapes

Day of the Dead Skeletons/Skulls

I started this project and then I was out for a week so my sub finished it for me.  Not really what I was hoping for... I think it needs something else maybe like arms??? Anybody have anything to add would love to hear it....

Anyways... The rib cage is the students first name.  I have them fold a piece of paper and have them write thier name as big as the paper.  Then I draw line on the paper using a Colored marker (this is so they know where to cut)  It works great for the ribs.  The Skull was done with Metallic markers....

Students did a great job... I am just not happy...

4th Grade Matisse Cut Outs

We do this project all most every year for original works.  I start out by giving the students a black 9"x12" paper, and they get 2 strips of color paper which is about 3"x 10" maybe.  We talk about Matisse, and positive and negative space, and different types of shapes (geometric and organic). Also we really talk about the color wheel.  I show the student a few trick on how to cut things out, and then I let them go at it.  It is a good project if you have a scrap box.

Monday, November 1, 2010

5th Grade "Cars"

Tonight I came across old pictures of a project I did when the movie "Cars" came out to the theaters.  I had my 5th grader draw Cars using two point perspective.  They did a very nice job on it, and I haven't done this project for a long time. I know that next summer "Cars 2" is coming out.  So maybe next fall might be a good time to do this project again... who knows..

Color In Motion

This is a great website that talks about colors, and the meaning of colors.  It is really cute to show your students if you have few minutes to view it with them.
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