Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5th Grade Sock Monsters

This is my first try at making a "Sock Monster", and I am not sure that I am done with it.  The other art teacher I work with is going to be making these with her 5th graders, but I am not sold on the idea yet.  I think it is going to be a bit hard for them to take a sock and cut it all up and sew it all back together and make something out of it.  I know mine looks very ruff. If any one has any thoughts on this I or have done something like this I would love to hear them.. thanks..


The Clever Feather said...

Try #2
These look good! Where did you get all the socks? Did you actually give the 5th graders needles to sew!? Brave soul! Will be anxious to see the end result! TTYL

Phyl said...

I think the sock monster's cute, but I wouldn't do it! Since I just discovered this post and it's already a few weeks old, maybe by now you've gotten into it with the kids or decided it's a bad idea. I made a sock monkey once for a sock monkey gallery show (her photo is on my latest blog post), and it was a nightmare - the sock would unravel while I tried to stitch her up, and she was so much harder to make than I would have expected. Never again! Sock monkeys (or monsters) may be cute, but too hard for me. Can't imagine doing it with kids.

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