Wednesday, November 16, 2011

QR Code Project

1. Students make thier own QR Code using thier name. 
2.  Count out a 10x10 square on thier QR code that they found fun to look at
3. They have a 12"x12" paper and we traced the ruler to make it 1" grid to  make 100 squares
4.  Then they copy their QR code on thier paper using Sharpie. When they copy it we made line design in it, for the black squares.

I have more pictures... to come..because the project is not done... There is another twist to this project.


Art Project Girl said...

QR? I am so lost. I see it all over the place but don't really get it. Do kids know about this when you present it or do you have to explain it to them. Sometimes they are more tech savy then me. I understand you can scan a code with your phone and it will bring you to You Tube or somewhere on the internet. . . but how does this work when you make it yourself? HELP

Mr. R said...

Well yes some of the kids know what they are and some don't.... When you make a qr code you can use a qr code generator to make them.. And you can make them say any thing... They can say text or can take you somewhere on the Internet....

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