Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some New Blog that i Like.

Then you have Kristin over at For the Love of Art.  Who I have been looking at the pasted few month or so.  And I really enjoy what she has going on in that art room... So if you get a chance check it out..

Ok.. First of all we all are new clay projects to do with are students will the other art teacher i work with found this one the other day.. He has some really neat stuff.. I really like the robots they are just really simple. so go over and check out John Post


UCSArtTeacher said...

This blog is very hard to read with all of the dots and translucent windows. It has too much visual distraction. Simplifying it would make it much easier to read.

Mr. R said...

i change thing all the time.. i hope this helps.. sorry about that..

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