Friday, March 23, 2012

At the conf.

Mr. E, Philly and the sharpie lady you all are with me


Phyl said...

Have a fabulous time!!! (And be sure to share all about it!)

And totally unrelated - are you 'in' on my "creative challenge"? If so, you need to send me a mailing address via email. If not, let me know, as I've had other responses. Would love to send you 'something' though I don't know what yet (I don't suppose you'd be suited to any of my necklaces or earrings...)

Pat said...

Hey Mr.R,

Thanks for including me in your luggage for the trip to the conference! I hope you packed Mr.E and myself someplace safe! Ha! Can't wait to hear what you did/saw/learned there:)Pat

Ms. Scott said...

It's great to find another Missouri art teacher on Blogspot! I was really hoping to go to the conference this year, but unfortunately the district wouldn't pay for it (boo). I'll bet it was great!

Shawsha (The Art Teacher Lady)

Mr. R said...

Ms Scott

It is always great to find another Missouri art blogger.
There are two more that I know of. B/c I work with them.
They are the clever feather. And. All framed in swrilly gold. They are on my blog list.

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