Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crayon glue gun???

My wife found on pinterest today using a glue gun and putting crayon where the glue stick would go. And as you can imagine the gun glue melts the crayon and you can make a painting from melted crayons. I have never seen this before. So have any of you done this before??? I might have to try it out.


Mrs. C said...

One of my 2nd grade students made one with his mother last school year for his 100 day project. He glue 100 crayons down and melted them on his board. His classmates thought he was a rock star after that! :)

Artteacher11 said...

One of my high schoolers used crayons in a glue gun to simulate wax melting in her Surrealism project. Here's the link to a picture: It took a little practice to get the crayon wax just the way that she wanted it, and I think that it turned out great as a textural element.

Pat said...

I think it seems like a novelty, but realistically, would you want to do it twice? One and done is my theory.


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