Saturday, March 16, 2013

Well I made it back home.

It was a long trip to NAEA, but is was worth every penny. I am sorry it has taking so long to get the pictures up on the messy blog. But after NAEA. Mr. E put a few stamps on me and sent me on my way. The I believed I got a bit lost in the mail. Once I did that I had to get my film developed.

Once done there I got to hangout with some really great people. Like Jessica form

And The super hero herself Tricia Fuglestad.

Me just a few minutes just to sit down and relax.

And for all of you that came to my presentation I really hope you enjoyed it. And thank you attending.

Me testing out some of the products. They sure did have so really great stuff there.

And I just want you all to know that Art Matters.


Phyl said...

Hahaha - I'm glad 'you' had such a fun time! Bit it appears Mr. E didn't take you out to eat? You must have been starving by the time you arrived home!

Mr. R said...

He didnt take me to get food at all. I was already a thin piece of paper. Now I am piece of tissus paper.

The Clever Feather said...

Too FUNNY!!!! Glad you got to make the trip! Nice work Mr. R!!

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