Friday, April 5, 2013

Packing portraits

Ok let me start out this was one of the easy projects this year for me to teacher. But one of the most challenging projects for them. I told my 5th graders that they were going to make a selfportrait. They had to use all there prior knowledge to make it. Which they have because I do selfportrait with the other grades.
There were rules to this project. I gave them one piece of black paper to work on.
1. They could only use the packing materials that were in my box.
2. The only tools they could use are there hands. (no scissors) And they could use glue.
I will tell you what a lot of my students thought this was one of the must fun projects they did this year. It made them think about what they were doing and they also had to be great problem solvers.
I think they turned out wonderful.
Please let me know what you think.


Mrs. C said...

What a great project! Creative problem solving! :)

Katie Morris said...

I really like this. I'm getting ready for a found object portrait project and will have packing materials along with anything else small and lightweight enough to be glued to a board!

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