Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wow wow wow. I am hitting the runway again

Some of you might now that I am a great story teller, but must you don't. So one of the story I told my 5th graders is that I was a former male model. Hahaha. So then I saw a post that Philly made over at there is a dragon in my art room. About some students made clothing about a artist and a painting. So I thought that would be fun for the last few weeks of school. You should see my 5th graders working it is really amazing. All I told them is that they need to make some kind of clothing and it had to go along with there painting that they picked. They are going to work on it for about 2 weeks and we are going to have a fashion show. Yeah.

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Phyl said...

It sounds really cool, and I wish I could really take credit for the idea, but it must have been on some other blog, unless I am really forgetting something? But I do watch Project Runway!

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