Monday, October 7, 2013

Stem to Steam

Hey everyone how have you all been?  I hope you all are having a great year so for. Ok I have a question.  Have any of you done a steam art project.  I been looking around the web and I can't seem to find much info. I have a few thing but I am always looking for more to do in the art room.  Let me know please. If you have done some or know where to find stuff. 


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Mrs. C said...

Hey Mr.R! I worked on several projects last year that had STEAM connections. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics... I did a project with 5th grade using outer space nebulae for inspiration. They did chalk drawings inspired by the beauty of nebulae. My 3d grades did fish(gyotaku) prints( they were going to a local fish hatchery on a trip) both of these were science connections, space and species. My Kinders did an architecture lesson(engineering) tesselations would be a math connection. Check out Theo Jansen, he's a dutch artist who creates what he calls Strandbeasts. Sculptures that he engineers to walk on the beach with just the power of wind. Totally cool! There's a great video clip for him on You Tube from an interview he did with CBS Sunday morning. I showed it to my 5ths last year and had them design their own machines on paper that would perform some function, simple or complex. If your lesson connects to any of the STEM subjects your touching on it. Better yet create a lesson that directly connects to something your students are working on in a STEM subject in their classroom. Talk to the homeroom teachers and collaborate together. Good luck! :)

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