Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coil, slab flowers. Update

Well I been trying to do new clay projects each year. So instead of doing fish with my 3rd graders.  I went with flowers. My students did a drawing on a 6x6 inch square and only using lines to make there flowers.  They I had my student roll coils out and recreate there drawing. We smooth it all out and combine them all together.  After they were fired we coloed them with crayons and put black paint over it and then washed it all.  I love doing that with the clay.  Over all a great project.  

Update:  Yes after my student recreated their drawing with the clay coils. They do this by making it right on top of there drawing.  When they are done they smooth out.  The. I would take a rib, and make sure they were really smooth and combined.   So when you flip it over you get your design.  The only problem I had is when they are drying they curled a bit.  So I think if I would make sure the smooth size was facing they would curl so much. 


Phyl said...

Wow, these are beautiful! You should post a link to this post on the Facebook page, to get more people to see these. They are terrific.

Cassie Stephens said...

those are super duper cool! I love them, thank you for sharing!!

SchoolArtsRoom said...

You should write about these for SchoolArts!

Mr. R said...

How would I go about that.

Mr. R said...

Philly and Cassie. Thanks so much

lrkeller said...

So, can you just clarify for me? After they recreate the flowers with the clay coils, they smooth one entire side, essentially blending and adhering all the coils together, leaving the coil flower design on the other side?

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