Monday, October 27, 2014

Many failures with great height

I did a sculpture project where all they could use is newspaper and tape.  I shows them how to roll the paper.  I told them that they could make any geometric form and that it had to be as talk as me.  5'8ish.   And that is all I told them. I let them go at it.  They worked in groups of 4 and they all started out rolling paper then the building started.   Many of the groups built cubes.  Which after sitting a week at all fell apart.  Some groups learned from that and some didn't.  It was really neat to watch them work on this.  
I asked them it they liked doing this project.  I was scared that they didn't because of all the failure.  But must of them loved it.  One of my students thought art was just drawing and painting.  He had no clue you could build things and call it art.   I was very proud of all my student in that 5th grade class.  I will get a few more pictures in the next few day.   

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Phyl said...

Very cool. These are the art days kids will remember the best. One question - where in the world did you put them all?!?

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