Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I have made a few post in the last few week. Waiting for someone or something to make a comment and nothing.  I know I am not the best blog writer.  But I figure someone would reply.  I am questioning if it is even worth doing this blog anymore?  Or is it just better to do Facebook and twitter?  


Jen Carlisle said...

Keep Blogging... people love it. Just that sometimes we all get busy and don't always have the time to leave a message. Also many people read blogs through a "service" which makes leaving posts a bit harder to do. Your blog rocks! Don't quit!

HipWaldorf said...

Do the blogging to satisfy your self and then post a link on the art teacher FB group, your FB page, etc. Somehow I found you, so you are a keeper! Slow but steady growth!

Leanne Stewart said...

Please keep it up! I'm a 4th grade classroom teacher and at the end of every year, I go to your site for fun projects to do with my kids. I know that's not very often but you are my go to blog for fun end of the year projects. The "Line Design w/ Shading" has been the favorite by far! I've even had kids come to me at the beginning of the next year to show me ones they made over the summer. Awesome!!!

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