Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4th Grade Self Portrait in Space

I saw this project on a  Self Portrait in Space the final frontier this is so much fun to do. It was a total different way to do self portraits.  My students really enjoyed doing them as well.

First I talked about how to draw the face right on a 9"x12" white paper. After we did this we painted them in.
Next they drew their space suits on a 18"x24" white paper.  I show them pictures on real space suits. After that we cut a whole out for thier face.  I know the place where I saw this they laminate the faces so it would look shiny. 


Jenny Bartolazzi said...

I think this may have come from my blog:

they turned out great!

Mr. R said...

They did thanks so much... i saw them a long time ago and forgot where i saw them..

Mrs. Hahn said...

So cute!!! What a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing!

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