Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking for/Help!!!

Hey you all,  I am looking for some new and fun Kindergarten art projects that can be been on a cart.  Or that can be change to do for a traveling art teacher that would be great.. Thanks so much.. just drop me a line..


Mr. E said...

Hey there Mr R...I thought I'd left a message before..but must have forgot?!? Over in your About Me wrote my frist blog instead of my first blog. :) May wanna edit that!!! In regards to K lessons...go to my blog and click on Kindergarden under my lables will pull up my K lessons...and maybe something there you can use. Have a great day!!

Josey M. Brouwer said...

Hi Mr. R...kindergarten on a cart, a bit of a challenge! Years ago when I taught from a cart, I always kept a basket of books for my early finishers to look at. Anyway, if you search my blog for "kindergarten art projects" you'll find some ideas.

We recently did fishbowls which they loved

My Mondrian project is a non-messy easy one too:
Anyway, good luck and enjoy the ride!

Lori- said...

Try my Kindergarten tab at my blog too!

I just posted a VERY non-messy Magic Nuudle project on sculpture...very fun and effective for the kids. Also, tiny balls of play dough (for finger color mixing)can be glued to make a simple color wheel easily- I also used a bowl full of fun, colorful found objects and made them work as groups to organized them in appropriate spots on a real color wheel to get familiar with the order. Model magic clay is great...easy and no mess. Hummm...check out my blog! Good luck!

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