Thursday, March 17, 2011

5th Grade Portraits in the style of Jean Dubuffet Two Different Ways

I saw this lesson on Hands, Head'n Heart.  I never seen this painting by Jean Dubeffet before but I like it... So I wanted to try it.  I did it with my 5th grades.. We need it two different ways.

1.  We had foam head and the student painted them in the same style of Dubeffet.
2.  We used paper and cut out all the shapes to make the portrait

Both were fun and were changing for my students.  Thanks for the great lesson.

sorry the picture are a bit yellow.. not sure what happen


Nancie Kay said...

I like your twist on things! Art teachers are such a creative bunch...never two ideas the same. Keep up the great work!

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

What a great idea to do the portraits in two different ways.

Art teachers and improvising always go together :)

Thanks for sharing

Ms. C said...

Where did you get the foam heads?!

Love these as well! You're a great art teacher =)

Mr. R said...

Ms c. We bought the foam heads from one of the art supply catalogs. Can't remember which one

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