Saturday, June 11, 2011

4 year old get own art show????

Ok.. did anyone see this today on Yahoo! (the link to the story).  Well anyways this 4 year old girl gets her own art show in a gallery in NY.  And the two video show her painting, and you know those ART People are just raving about how good she is. I am not sure about all of this.. anyways what are your thoughts?

For the past two summers now I take the kids (my kids) on walk and my daughter who is now 5 has her own digital camera.  She take pictures of whatever she wants.. so does her photo need to be hanging in a gallery????  :)

Here are my some of my daughters pictures..
(as you can tell she likes flowers)


Phyl said...

Well. I'm struggling with how to express my thoughts, after watching the video and 2 others. What a bunch of crap. (Can I say that?) Totally indulgent. Sure, the paintings are pretty, but anyone with the money to spend on squeezing and pouring whole bottles and tubes of paint on a canvas will certainly get some colorful and dynamic abstractions.

BUT - the reason for the fame of artists like Rothko and Pollock and Ellsworth Kelly etc is based on historical context. This girls paintings are not Kandinsky or Pollock paintings! The artists above all showed massive artistic talent and ability long before they decided to be historical ground-breakers (is that the right word?)and it is that historical context that makes their work hold such importance in the context of art history.

I can (and often do) have my 4th graders create "Pollock" paintings on huge sheets of Kraft paper. Indeed they are quite lovely when done, and we have used up a lot of paint and made a big mess. But... aww jeez you know what I mean, right?

I find it especially interesting that her parents are making major artistic decisions for her - providing her with long narrow canvases in vibrant reds and blues and black, and then putting them together. They obviously choose what paints to provide her as well. I think the icing on the cake (the thing that really started me seething)was the image of her dumping whole bottles of paint on a pile of pompoms. Any of our students could do that if we could afford that much paint and that many pompoms per kid!

Oh well, I've said what I think. Meanwhile, I love the first and third of your daughter's photos! I think she is really "looking" and I hope she keeps photographing. My son started taking pictures very young as well, and now, with his 35mm digital SLR I have seen him find some spectacular images, though most of them end up just posted on facebook...

Jodi said...

I agree with Phyl. It's people like this that make us have to constantly defend our jobs.

Phyl said...

Me again - this got me thinking,and hopefully it's OK with you for me to post a link to this (your post) on my blog to get more people to hop over and see it.

Mr. R said...

I dont care one bit...

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