Friday, June 3, 2011

school out for summer

Well today was the last work day... school is out for summer...But I start summer school on Monday... YEAH!!! it is not so bad I guess.. it is just for four days.. I know I can do that.. Right????  So What is everyone else going to do on thier summer VAKA???


Phyl said...

Still have 3 weeks more school to go - we're in session until June 24th.

What am I doing this summer? Kayaking, swimming, taking a drive to stay for a few days on the Maine/Massachusetts coast and visit my son who just moved to Boston. And hopefully painting and beading. No summer art program to teach at this year - the PTSA decided not to sponsor it so I'm not teaching at all this summer.

Have a good relaxing summer, and enjoy quality time with your family!

Jacquelien said...

I'm always surprised about those long summerstops in the USA, three months isnt'it?What do parents do with their kids all that time, they don't have 3 months holiday? And the salaries of the teachers, do you get 3 months money? Students, haven't they forgot a lot of what they learned after 3 months?
In Holland we have 6 weeks, I guess we are the only working group back here with such a long vacation.

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