Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Iron Chef throw down

Ok I know this is not an art thing but I figure I let all of you in on this. One thing about me is that around 2003 I took up cooking. I love it. So anyways a third grade teacher and I are having a Iron Chef Throw Down. The mystery Ingredient was bacon. I can't say what I made just yet. I will let you all l know on Wednesday. Wish me luck.


Pat said...

You crack me up! From now on you shall be referred to as "Bacon Boy"! LOL!!!!

Phyl said...

Good luck! My 23 year old son says that everything is better with bacon on it. Then he got a job working in a vegan cafe, and the food was fresh and wonderful, but he said that the ONLY thing wrong with the cafe was the lack of bacon.

So good luck, "Bacon Boy", we'll be interested to see what you cook up! Is presentation part of the scoring? If so, make it nice and artistic!

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