Friday, August 30, 2013

Any thoughts.

Ok we all seen when they take the can and make it into a face or a fish.  But I smashed this can today and made it stand up.  It got me thinking.  What can we make with this can standing up like that.  I need sometime to think about it.  I haven't could up with anything clever yet.  But I will be working on it.  So my question to all of you is what would you do with it??? Let me know thanks  


ArtMuse said...

There's an artist named Didier Triglia. He does smashed can decorative faces. It's kind of folk artsy, but they're very cool. Hope that helps!

Mr. E said...

Monster(add arms & hair)
Sitting Cat/Dog (add ears/tail)
Rocket Ship/UFO

Phyl said...

I would recycle it and turn it into a nickel!

ArtMuse said...


09 10