Thursday, November 7, 2013


My friends over at have character words, animals, and colors for each month.  One of their words was honor.  So with Veterans Day just around the corner I thought we would honor them and what they have done for our country.  

So my 4th graders work on a op art/one point perspective drawing. First we made the letters USA and work on making them 3d using one point perspective.  My students thought it was so cool that we could make letter 3d just using a point and some lines.  Then we had the stripes of the flag which we try to look like it blowing in the wind.  We do this by value of the white and red. Which I think they turned out great. 

Also to honor the Vets my 1st graders made soldiers.  We worked in painting big non geomectic shapes with different greens and browns to make camo.  After that we used that big paper and cut it up to make all the parts to the soldiers.  

So that is how we are doing honor this year to the Veterans. 

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Phyl said...

I like all the parts of this lesson - the letters, the flags, the army dudes, and I like tHe relationship to Veteran's Day. Very nice!

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