Thursday, November 14, 2013

Student plan.

One of my 5th graders say to me a while back "I would like to plan are next art project".  So I said go for it. I told here she would have to come one with a great plan, all the steps for the lesson, and what we need to make it.  

So she did that with a little help from some of her other classmates.  They want to take a famous painting and make it larger.  

So we figured out the math, made grids, cut the big paper.  Then got to work. 

We chose "The Figure 5 in Gold". By Charles Demuth

It was neat to see them work. People that had pieces next to each other work together to make sure there lines would match up. Others did not and that was ok.  

I think they did really good.   

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Phyl said...

Very cool the way you let the child come up with this plan!

Many years ago, I used to do large group enlargements every year with my 7th graders,but with one big difference. I selected, numbered and cut up the original image, and the kids graphed and enlarged them, and didn't know what the final image would be until it the pieces were compete and the mural was assembled. It was always so much fun to see their surprise as the image came together. Only had one failure: the image I chose was Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, and when it was all put together the kids asked "Who is she?" So funny!

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